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Quit Smoking Program

Service ID:10188
Organization:University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Street Address:40 Ruskin Street, Room H2353, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4W7, CANADA
Telephone:(613) 696-7069
Fax:(613) 696-7194
Toll Free:(866) 407-7848
Fees:$10 fee
Area Serviced:Ottawa
Additional Information:

The Quit Smoking Program  is available to anyone interested in quitting smoking. 

There are four steps to this program:

  1. Attend an Information Session to learn about the program and the available methods to help you quit smoking.
  2. Create a Personalized Treatment Plan.
  3. Schedule One-on-One Support Sessions with a quit smoking Nurse specialist.
  4. Contact Telephone Support between scheduled appointments as needed.

Last Review Date:7/20/2018